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Friday, August 06, 2004

100 Things

1. My name is zanie.
2. I love being a mom.
3. My son’s name is Wee G.
4. He’s very 15.
5. He’s my reason for living.
6. I love being a wife.
7. My hubby’s name is Gman.
8. We’ve been married for 8 years (2005.)
9. He is a serious stud muffin.
10. He is my second reason for living.
11. I have 4 step children.
12. Their names are Ravioli, Studly, Shaggy, and Stefaneezer.
13. I married their dad knowing that I was going to have the best relationship with these kids, ever!
14. I was wrong.
15. I tried to over-mother them.
16. They weren’t interested in another mother.
17. They wanted a friend.
18. I figured that out about 6 years ago and things have been fairly good since. 19. I am a doula.
20. I love being a doula.
21. I love helping women give birth.
22. I don’t get to practice being a doula too much because of my “real” job.
23. I am Nana to two little girls from my youngest client.
24. The oldest is Baby Girl and she is 4.
25. The youngest is Lil Sis and she is 2.
26. I am a packrat.
27. My worst packrat item is books.
28. I have a million books.
29. Half of them are trashy paperbacks.
30. They have no redeeming value.
31. I still can’t bear to part with them.
32. I have to because I don’t have a place to put them all.
33. I have the cutest house.
34. It is adorable!
35. I am overjoyed that my kitchen can hold 5 people comfortably without being crowded.
36. I have an apple tree in my yard.
37. Truthfully, I’m a little squeamish about eating those apples.
38. I’m afraid I’ll end up with a worm or bug.
39. I can bake great pies with those apples though.
40. My grandma was a cake decorator for almost 50 years.
41. She made the best cakes I have ever had.
42. I didn’t have a store-bought cake until I married my husband and moved a million miles from my family.
43. My poor stepkids have no clue what any cake other than grocery store cake tastes like.
44. My maternal grandma died in May 2004.
45. I miss her terribly.
46. She had Parkinson’s disease.
47. She loved me unconditionally, warts and all.
48. She taught me how to decorate.
49. I’m not very good at it.
50. My maternal grandpa died in March 2002.
51. I miss him terribly, too.
52. He had lung cancer.
53. He used to give me white tic-tacs and tell me they were sleeping pills for good girls.
54. I can’t buy a pack of tic-tacs without thinking of him.
55. I only buy white tic-tacs for myself.
56. I can’t eat a Fig Newton without thinking of him.
57. Thinking about them makes my heart hurt.
58. It also makes me want to be a better person
59. My paternal grandma died in December 2003.
60. My biggest memory of her is that her hair was bright red; she smoked, drank diet 7-up and made a mean chicken noodle casserole.
61. She had Alzheimer’s.
62. Genetically, I’m screwed because of all of the diseases in my family tree.
63. I look exactly like my mom.
64. She got remarried in 2001.
65. Her husband is only 9 years older than I am.
66. She is only 9 years older than my husband.
67. My husband is 13 years older than me.
68. My mom is 13 years older than my stepdad.
69. It’s just a weird situation.
70. My dad remarried in 2003.
71. My stepmom is two years younger than my dad.
72. Apparently they’re the normal ones.
73. I love to cook.
74. I love to cook with real butter.
75. I smother my bread slices with as much butter as I possibly can before my hubby gives me “the look.”
76. That’s just like my grandma.
77. I love mashed potatoes with lots of butter.
78. That’s just like my grandma too.
79. I only like real mashed potatoes, no boxed stuff.
80. I like to eat Spaghetti O’s with mini franks or meatballs.
81. I also like mini raviolis.
82. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?
83. I love Google.
84. I love dogs.
85. I love cats.
86. I love babies.
87. I want to write a book.
88. I am terrified of speaking in front of groups.
89. I would rather do just about anything than speak in public.
90. I love wine.
91. I especially love white wine.
92. I like older men.
93. I dated a man that was 42 when I was 19.
94. I love my husband.
95. He was graduating from high school when I started kindergarten.
96. He makes me laugh.
97. We are a great pair.
98. I think he is my soul mate.
99. He thinks I’m crazy and that I'm his best friend.
100. I love my husband.


  • At 12:52 PM , Blogger RSM said...

    Wow, I really like your list. Especially the stuff with your grandparents. I'm really close with mine too, so I can totally relate.

    My husband is 8 years older than me, and I have 2 stepdaughters 11 & 13. I so love this age {completely kidding} ha!

    I'm the same way with my paperbacks! I have a bazillion and can't throw them away! I keep convincing myself that someday I'll own a huge house and I'll be able to make an entire room just into my own personal library. Ha. Yeah right. I should just donate them... but I'll probably end up still hoarding them, like I do best!

    Anyway, cool list :)


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