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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Vacation Withdrawl

So, after two glorious weeks of NO WORK, I am now back at work. I am having vacation withdrawls and it is not pretty. I wanted to jump out of my skin during a staff meeting, just because I had to sit there in my work clothes (no sweatpants allowed!) and pretend like I was interested in what was being said. Very difficult when you can hear your couch calling you from 15 miles away.

We did survive the whole "Baby Girl Gets stitches" incident. Oh crap! I forgot that post didn't make it onto here because my beloved computer produced the blue screen of death before shutting down on me, for no apparent reason.

So..long story short, Baby Girl fell in an oyster bed and after much trauma (most of it MINE!) ended up with 9 beautiful stitches. And how cute is it when Baby Girl,while gazing at her knee full of stitches says in her cutest damn 2 year old voice, "Looky, I gots spiders on my owie!" Apparently the strings left on the sutures look like spider legs to her. I just wanted to pick her up and squeeze her 'til her little head popped off.

And don't even get me started on the whole limping thing. She can be running and jumping and crawling on the floor, using her owie knee, and you can say, "Baby Girl, how is your owie?" and she will instantly start limping and carrying it like she was in the most horrible pain ever. This kid needs to be in acting class. We could be rich!

Poor Wee G should really not consider a career in medicine or the emergency medical field as he cannot stand the site of blood, especially when it is gushing out of a screaming 2 year old. Poor kid was white as a sheet.

Gman is in Chicago for a week for a tool convention. I am missing him terribly and wish he would come home already. It's terrible when I have to kill my own spiders on my bedroom ceiling. That and my bed is cold 'cause he's not in it. I hate business trips. He's 1 hour from my dad and 2 hours from my mom. I hope he calls them while he's there.

Hmmm...I wonder if I can somehow make dress pants out of sweatpant material. Do they make a Lazy-boy that would fit at my desk? Just wondering...


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