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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 1 of the rest of my life

Okay, with the help of my counselor, I’ve decided to make this space my place to keep track of what I eat and when, as well as my exercise and methods to find my true self. Since my only viewing audience is my counselor (Hi Kathy!) I’ll not try so hard to bring on the funny, but rather to write from a place of integrity. If I feel funny, I’ll be funny and if I feel sad, I’ll be sad.

So, the morning started off with an inauspicious breakfast: a piece of chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate ganache “icing”. Not the healthiest breakfast, by any stretch of the definition. Now I’m drinking a mug of French vanilla hot chocolate. I should probably eat a cheese stick to even out the carbs with some protein and a little fat so I don’t end up scattered and spacey from too much sugar. I brought an apple as well but I think I’ll have that with lunch.

I can’t wait for lunch as I brought a salad I got at Trader Joes. It’s on a bed of greens and has walnuts, red peppers, and a leaf of endive filled with herbed goat cheese with vinaigrette dressing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Maybe instead of thinking about it, I should focus on working. Nah…

After the 14 mile ride on Sunday, my butt bones are finally recovering. I’m struggling to move today but the Advil hasn’t kicked in yet. I would like to ride again today but I’m not so keen on the hills in our neighborhood and really, by the time we get home, it’s almost dark. I’m all about exercising but I’m not really keen on being a moving target in the dark. Maybe I can get Gman to move the treadmill so I can use that. He said he would if I promised to walk on it. I promised but it hasn’t moved.

Hmmm…it’s Tuesday. I wonder if the surplus store got any laptops in…


So I'm eating the salad and while it's not as good as I had hoped, it is pretty good. The goat cheese is a little too strong for my taste. I will eat it because that's about all I have to eat for lunch today, but I don't think I'll buy it again. I'll have my cheese stick and my apple and call it good.

I think for dinner I'll make the Buca di Beppo Lemon Chicken. It looks easy and I bet it would be tasty over a bed of angel hair pasta. Maybe some sort of veggie other than salad would be good, too. I'm rather saladed out. We've had it for three days now and as much as I like the champagne dressing with the honey glazed almonds, I'm tired of it. Maybe some green beans with toasted slivered almonds....mmmmm that's the plan.

Maybe I should walk on my lunch hour. I just don't want to work up a sweat during that hour and then have to come back to work and be all sweaty and possibly stinky. Not a good look for me. Maybe M would want to walk with me. I bet she would because she's a big cheerleader for me. I'll ask her this afternoon when she gets back from her meeting.

I cannot decide on a paint color for my room. G bought me a computer program where you can upload a picture of the room you want to paint and "test" the paint colors in there. I thought I had decided on a color until he brought that home. Now, I have to decide from about 12 different colors that I really like ranging in hue from Burnt Plum to a pretty shade of purple. I want to go with purple but I'm really partial to burgandys and plums. I just think if I don't go with the purple, I will regret it because when will I have another opportunity to paint a room that color? I do want to get it in gear though because I want to get it done and have my own space. How fun would that be??! I have a lamp picked out and I'm searching for other things to accessorize. I want to go with purples and reds and other jewel tones. Well, I guess that decides the paint color, doesn't it...


  • At 12:16 PM , Blogger kathy said...

    Hi Amy, good for you! You started. I love it!! I will be reading daily, so know you are not alone. I love you girl. Keep it up. I say sit with the color till you know on the inside that it resonates to your soul. And be with your feelings as much as you can throughout the day. I want to know what they are, don't you? Love, Kathy


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