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Saturday, September 11, 2004

And we're off...

Not a whole lot of intelligent stuff to say so I'm going to go where the mood swings me.

Feeling not so old: Went to Olive Garden with Wee G and Baby Girl last night. I'm sure the waiter was just being nice, but he carded me. I immediately blurted out "Ha! I love you!" and produced my ID stating that I was in fact 14 years beyond the legal age.

Feeling old again: Sitting at the aforementioned dinner, Wee G looks at me and says, "I hope I have a girlfriend this year." UGH! I heard gray hairs sprouting instantly and was digging for my stylists phone number.

Feeling bitchy: G is still in Chicago. He said he would call me last night and he didn't. I hate that. We talked this morning and all is well with the world, but it's still frustrating.

Feeling fat: Saw this show on MTV about plastic surgery and the two twiggy chicks that HAD to have more surgery done to their 100 lb frames. Bitches.

Crying: I read this article about Jeremy Glick written by his wife. How horrifically sad.

Wanting: I want to go to Costco and get our new phones. I also want to go to Home Depot and get paint chips for the bathroom. Does this make me old and domestic? Kinda scary. I used to be the ultimate party girl. I went out every single weekend with my friends, I played hard, I worked hard, I shopped hard. Now my weekends consist of toddlers and teenagers and Home Depot. Not a bad tradeoff but at the same time, I sure would like to experience the play hard days once in a while.

Needing: I need to go shopping for clothes for me. I have two pairs of dress pants and that's it. How can I train to do the City Council meetings when I can't dress the part?

Aching: You can tell the weather is changing because my whole body hurts. I'm tired and my head is killing me. Boy, I sure am whiny!

Researching: The best type of dog for our family. How in the world will we ever decide what kind of dog to get if I'm the only one who does any sort of research?

Closing: this post so I can get my butt in gear.


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