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Sunday, September 12, 2004


So, apparently I was remiss in posting yesterday about 9/11.  Does that mean that I wasn't affected by the whole horrifying mess?  No, on the contrary.  I was deeply moved by that day.
It also would have been Grandma's 80th birthday.  That one is even harder to deal with than 9/11.  She was my heart and the though of her not being here, not getting her new bottle perfume from Grandpa, of not having a delicious cake, of not hearing her say my name or give me her Grandma kisses cuts me to the core.  I always said this would never happen.  She and Grandpa would never die.  They were never going to get old or have cancer or Parkinson's Disease.  They were going to be here forever.
Not so much so now.  I know they're waiting for me and when I get there, they'll both give me hugs and Grandpa will give me whisker kisses and hand me a tic-tac, because you know only good girls get them.


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