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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Day 3 a.k.a. Major suckage galore

Started out with a low grade headache. Got to work and didn't really want to be there at all, but I persevered. I noticed that M had a list of "missing" permit numbers on her whiteboard. I copied them down and was going to look up the list when D, the permit tech, saw what I had and promptly took the list from me. He wanted to do it himself. He was instantly in an uproar and nothing I could say would coerce him to just let me do what I was going to do.

M got to work and brought me a latte - YUM! - which I managed to have a single drink of before dumping it into my keyboard, drowning my mouse, and flooding the floor with it, splattering my purse as well. (note to self: get leather cleaner) I spent an hour and a half trying to clean up a grande latte and salvage my keyboard and mouse, to no avail, and cleaning the floor mat under my chair, wipe out my one and only drawer, and my purse. It was great. :-(

M wanted to meet with D and I to let us know she wanted a system in place to alleviate missing permit numbers. D went off like a rocket and started carrying on about how he knew where everything was and how nothing was missing because he knew where things were, etc.

To my ears he then started throwing me under the bus saying I was the reason there were errors and duplicate numbers and inaccurate reports. I started getting upset and kept my tongue, for the most part. When he started martyring himself, I spoke up and said that I was the one that had copied down the number so I could do the work myself. M told D to stop with his defensiveness, told me to stop playing the victim (which infuriated me because that was not at all what I was doing) and told us what had to be done, period. The meeting ended and D went one way, I went the other and M closed her door.

D said, "Amy, I don't know what I said to upset you so much but I'm sorry." I told him I didn't want to talk about it at that time and walked away.

I left for a few minutes (it was at the end of the lunch hour) and when I got back D was in M's office with her, venting. After he was done, I went in and talked to her. I told her I wasn't playing vicitm, just trying to tell him I wasn't expecting him to do the work, that I would gladly do so, and he had no reason to be so upset. She said I sounded like a 4 yr old when I said it, very victim-like, as did D when he was talking about his things. I didn't realize I sounded like that and apologized to her for the drama.

I also apologized to D for it as well.

I felt like he was telling me I wasn't good enough. he was more than happy to point out the errors I had made and allow M to think it was me who made the majority of them.

My blood pressure was through the roof. Not a good thing as then I couldn't work for the rest of the afternoon, well, at least not effectively.


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