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Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday Ranting

Wow, so I'm feeling a little on the whiny side again today. I need to complain about how much my body hurts and how I wish it would warm up to at least 70 degrees today. Not gonna happen but I sure would like it to.

So Gman is still in Chicago. He’ll be home tonight, but I’m sure he’s not ready. Seems he found himself a little jazz club that he would like to live at, or at least that's how it seems when he closes out the club two nights in a row! Can you imagine? My uptight white guy husband has been hanging out in a smoky jazz club, and he HATES smoke so that tells you how much he’s enjoying the music!

Apparently, this place is just a hole-in-the-wall joint called The Back Room. He called me 4 times last night so I could listen to the music he was hearing and he even left a message on the answering machine so I could hear it. He is so happy doing stuff like that, so why don’t we do things like this here at home? I guess we do, but it’s just not the same as when you’re on vacation. He kept saying, “I wish you were here. You would love it!” And I kept saying “I know, that’s why I said I wanted to come with you. But you kept saying no!”

He calls me while he’s eating dinner with a co-worker to tell me how delicious the food is. He calls me from the top of the Sears Tower to tell me how beautiful it is. He calls me from the Chicago River to tell me how much he would enjoy spending the time with me. How sweet is that?!

It wouldn’t have worked out for me to go on this particular trip. Wee G started school on the 1st and there isn’t any place for him to stay but dang, he could have at least thought about it rather than giving an all out NO!

I sure as heck miss him. I want snuggles and to cozy up in bed and nuzzle in his fur. Ugh…tonight can’t come soon enough.

Just can’t seem to pull the funny out today. Apparently I’m still suffering from vacation withdrawal, only without the humor in it. Maybe I just need a new job.

I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom . . Some people talk about how moving it was. I wasn’t particularly moved, but it was thought provoking and made me think about what I was reading. It was an easy read as I read it in just a couple of hours, but not just a piece of fluff. My favorite quote from the book is this: "All ending are beginnings. We just don't know it at the time..." So true. Kind of rearranges my feelings about the deaths of my grandparents, not in a major way but a rearrangement none the less. I’ve tried to describe it three different times in words and I can’t seem to convey my feelings, so I’m just going to leave it at that. Check out the book. It’s worth the read. Maybe we can do this book for our fledgling book club.


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