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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Moving in the right direction, Day 6

So, I thought I was on a roll with posting and journaling but one rotten day threw me off. Since then things have gotten better at work. M and I talked things through more and everything is okay between D and I as well.

I have discovered that I am working my butt off at the office and yet I love my job! The harder I work, the more I like it. Is it because I am working for my friend? I’m sure that’s part of it, but I loved it before M and I became close. My guess is that I am getting the recognition that I have deserved for a long time. Even the mayor is impressed with my work and tells me so. That goes a long way for me! And it seems to have moved beyond the whole “I need someone to tell me how great I am.” at least to degree. I mean, at first it was a huge ego boost to be told how smart/intelligent/vastly underutilized I had obviously been, and it still is, but eventually I started to believe it and now work at that level every day. I believe the psychological term for that is self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever it’s called, I have decided to embrace it whole-heartedly.

I just purchased two sets of affirmation cards from Louise Hay on Amazon.com. I’m going to get some plain frames from Ikea and hang them in individual frames and make a montage on the wall in MY office (G can have space here but this is MY room.) They will hang there and remind me on a daily basis to nurture myself and take care of myself and tell myself good things. I will have a lovely round mirror hanging opposite the montage to reflect the positive thoughts. I also went to Crystal Voyage by Freighthouse Square and purchased a “Wise Woman” statue. She is standing with her arms circled over her head and has the tree of life on her gown/body. It is beautiful and EXACTLY what I was looking for in my room. Now the hard part has to happen: moving the furniture and painting the wall. Still haven’t gotten the paint yet but have definitely decided on a color: thistle.

Went to a FABULOUS restaurant yesterday, Il Fiasco on 6th Avenue. Had a delicious meal of Duck breast with black currant glaze served with roasted chestnut ravioli. It was a bit of a stretch for me as I like to kind of stay toward the things that I know I like, but the duck was to die for and the ravioli was sublime! We finished dinner off with a chocolate roulade; a thin chocolate cake with a chocolate cream/black currant filling, rolled up jelly roll-style. It was heavenly and I wasn’t stuffed. Always a nice feeling after a great dinner.

Mmmm…dinner is in the oven. Roasted chicken with baby red potatoes and cauliflower. Should be another one of G’s divine meals!


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