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Sunday, October 03, 2004


Ugh! Brain freeze. Writer's Block. Ennui. Hungover. Lazy. Exhausted. Blue (no, not smurf-like!)
Wow! I'm sitting here staring out the window watching the fog roll by. (75 and sunny my ass!) Up at the top of a fir tree there is a huge spider web. As the fog rolls through, the droplets are catching on the web so I can see it as plainly as if it was right outside my window. I know there are several other large webs out there so I'm going to put this on hold and grab my camera as I am suddenly feeling photogenic.

Back now. Damn spider web! Couldn't get a good shot of it as the location in the top of the tree allows it to blend into the sky once I get outside. So, I stood on the back deck, in front of the office window and fired up the ole telephoto lens and took a couple of great shots, I hope.

While I was out there running around the wet grass in Gman's slippers and my nightgown, the neighbor came out of his house and was whistling and puttering around. I'm sure he thought I'd slipped my nut. Ah, screw it. I hope the pictures turn out.
Went to Gman's 30 year class reunion last night. There was only 1 wife younger than I was. It was fun though to watch all these middle aged people (48/49 yr olds) reminiscing (why is there a c in that word? Bizarre!) about the days when they had hair and fast muscle cars. There were some guys there that looked ancient. Then there were some that looked younger than I do, and that is YOUNG.

PET PEEVE: Standing in a room of people I don't know and having to introduce myself because darling G wouldn't. Grrr. I know he was caught up in his whole reunion thing but more times than not I would have to say, "Hi I'm Zanie, G's wife."

I am so not the Queen of Small talk. In fact, I suck at it. That makes me a lonely person at a gathering where I don't know anyone.

Are you seeing a pattern here? I had a good time, but it was mostly because G was enjoying himself. Not the way I would have wanted to spend the evening but certainly not the worst way I've ever experienced either.
So we're trying to get ready and get out of the house and be on time for this shin-ding last night. Shaggy and Wee G and Baby Girl were going to stay here and then Cruella was going to pick them all up to go hang out over at her house so Shaggy could go to church in the a.m. We're running late and I am trying to dry my hair so it looks at least a little nice. Baby Girl is wandering through the house. She hadn't felt good all day but seemed to be perking up so I didn't feel bad about leaving her with the boys. She wandered by me and I glanced at her. She looked subdued and a little funny but she can be quirky like that sometimes, especially if we're going out and she's not going with us. All of a sudden, Wee G comes running in yelling, "Mom, Baby Girl just puked on the carpet!!!" So, here I am in my best "I'm the hot young wife" outfit cleaning puke out of my berber carpet ( do I need to say that she had just consumed an entire 8 oz glass of grape juice?!), cleaning up a crying two yr old, and trying to steam clean the rug, all without getting puke on me and still trying to be loving and comforting to the baby. Oh my gosh! It was ugly.

Long story short, we dropped her off with TeenMom and went on to the party, pukeless but a little worse for wear.
Wow. Guess I'm not so blocked after all. Still blue though. Need some sunshine.


  • At 11:59 AM , Blogger Beth Fish said...

    I'm sure you were still the hottest young wife there, regardless of the grape juice puke. My hubby never introduces me at parties, forces me to hit him a lot.

  • At 3:29 AM , Blogger Zoot said...

    We need sunshine here too. Blah. and We went to my ten year reunion this year and I got voted "most changed". I have NO Idea what the hell that means. Hee Hee. Either way? I totally had the hottest husband there. Isnt that awful that I say it like that?


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