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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Nyquil and other hallucinogenic drugs

So, I’m back at work today. Let me just tell you that, again, I can hear my couch calling me from 15 miles away! Along with the couch, the bottle of Nyquil is mocking me. It is laughing at the fact that I cannot focus today. Note to self: Self, if you’re planning on going to work the next day, DO NOT TAKE NYQUIL the night before. And while I love the peaceful slumber this is supposed to impart, last night that did not happen.

I’m not sure what the deal was but there was no way to get any sleep. G was having trouble sleeping and that could be the problem right there. If he doesn’t sleep well, I can’t sleep well because he flips around so much.

Instead of my lovely peaceful Nyquil induced stupor, I got NOTHING, thereby leaving me drugged AND exhausted. Because I’m at work, I have to be able to concentrate and that? isn’t happening. The way I’m feeling is now known around here as The Nyquil Fog. Not the best way to start a day that will last at least 1 and maybe 2 hours longer than usual.


Went to Back to School Night for Wee G last night. He’s bombing a couple of classes and is getting A’s & B’s in the rest. Funny how you can be brilliant yet not pass two classes because you don’t like the subject. Darn kid! He’ll bring the grades up because he wants to go on the school sponsored trip to Washington DC. That’s a huge carrot to dangle in front of him.


Deconstruction of 62 years of marriage is about to begin. My grandparents’ house and belongings are going to be auctioned off shortly. It makes me glad I’m not there to witness this event. Maybe that’s why they’ve been weighing so heavily on my mind lately.

Call your grandparents!


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