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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Like a thief in the...middle of the day?

You know how I was laughing yesterday because Wee G had to break in through the doggie door to unlock the deadbolt? Um…yeah, I’m not laughing today. Know why? Because someone broke into our neighbor’s house and stole heirloom jewelry, tools and their 7 year old daughter’s piggy bank filled with PENNIES.

The hard-up thieves totally kicked in the front door, shattering the door and door jam. The neighbor had gone to Costco and was gone a total of two hours. She came home and noticed her gate was open and she thought it was strange because they have a dog and never leave the gate open because the dog will go walkabout as dogs are wont to do. She went to the front door and saw that it had been kicked in and was standing open. She ran back to her car because she was afraid they would still be inside, and called the police. The police think her coming home scared the thieves away because they didn’t take the game systems or the jug full of large coins and bills that was in the family room area.

That whole laughing thing about the doggie door is now a security issue. We are going to go and get a new door tonight. G is running from window to window to make sure all of them are locked and I now feel like I’m living in a prison. We used to sleep with our window open a little. Now? it’s closed up and might as well be hermetically sealed because we’re getting NO air in there at all, which makes me feel suffocated and borderline claustrophobic on top of being freaked out about the whole break-in thing.

And how pathetic is it that they stole that little girl’s piggy bank? She’s as cute as a button with huge dark eyes and an impish little smile, but she’s also traumatized by the fact that someone trashed her room and took something that belonged to her. It just broke my heart to listen to her talking about it. People can be such idiots. Was a bank full of pennies really worth traumatizing this child?

The good that came out of this is that we got to meet the neighbors. They are funny and just as nice as nice can be. G and I both can’t believe it took us 6 weeks to introduce ourselves. That’s rather sad. Although…they never came over to introduce themselves either. Whatever.

And can I tell you how awesome my hubby is? He brought me a little souvenir from his business trip: a Coach purse! How spoiled am I? He spent entirely too much money, although I’m not complaining at all. He also brought me Frango mints and it has taken a remarkable measure of self-control to not consume them by the handfuls. Wee G is planning on having some when he gets home from school. We’ll see how much self control he can exhibit because if he eats lots of them without permission? he’s totally buying me a new box.


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