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Monday, November 05, 2007

Business trips and more car awesome-ness

Okay, so I know that heated seats are nothing new to the rest of the world but DAMN! are they ever awesome!!!!! I was looking for the rear window defrost button and pushed what I thought was the right button. Nope! Instantly my butt got warm and shortly thereafter the lumbar support toasted right up. I had no idea what I was missing but man am I going to miss this car when we have to return it!

I'm still amazed by the sheer power that this thing has, although it's pretty moot when you can't go any faster than 35 on the fliggin' freeway. Maybe it's just knowing that I have the power that should be sufficient but boy I'd like to take this baby out and open it up without fear of a speeding ticket!

In other news, G is gone on his business trip until late Wednesday night. I had a menu planned out for the week, as I've been doing for the past month. Yeah...that went right out the window the second I realized that I was totally responsible for getting dinner for Baby Girl and Lil Sis and I. I decided that we would go out instead and we headed to Red Robin for tasty goodness and all the steak fries you can eat.

One thing that was kind of neat: I ordered a salad to share between the three of us. I think I got about two bites because Baby Girl and Lil Sis kept eating it. Yay! They wanted to eat salad rather than eat chicken fingers and fries or pepperoni pizza. Next time I'll get them a salad to split and get one of my own as well.

Seems the whole "eating good things" that we've been practicing has paid off!

Bummed: Not looking forward to sleeping alone for the next couple of nights. Not only is it lonely, but G also provides a good amount of body heat so I'll likely be cold all night long. Gotta haul out the extra blanket.

Pleased: I can watch whatever I want on TV AND control the remote!


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