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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I was over at Rude Cactus and told us to promote our blogs. I thought it was a great idea and did so and now think I'd better get an update that is NOT a meme on here. Memes are the easy way to update and yet I can't even manage to do that on a regular basis. Just sad.

I'm gearing up for my hip replacement surgery next month (I hope it's next month.) The arthritis is so bad I can barely walk and the surgeon thinks a replacement for both hips is the way to go. Actually, TWO surgeons feel the same way. I am scared about it but at the same time relieved because it means I'll get my life back. Shoot, I might even be able to walk through the mall again some day!

To get things in order for six weeks of recovery, I have 1000 things to do at work, I have to find a walker, a rental hospital bed, a toilet seat lift, a long-handled shoe horn, a sock putter oner thingy, someone who can come help me for the entire time, lose 100 lbs, cook enough meals for an entire month…Oh dear God, there is so much to do!!

And there are things I cannot do until after the date is scheduled. The hold-up is the surgeon’s office. They needed clearance from my PCP and then the anesthesiologist and the surgeon have to review it. Once they approve my surgery, THEN I can schedule. At this rate, it won’t be until December for surgery. Won’t THAT be a great Christmas season?!

Gosh, this has turned out to be soooo exhilarating. Aren’t you glad I decided to update?

Any suggestions on what I should make to put in my freezer? *crickets chirping* Hmmm, that’s right, nobody reads this blog, so basically I’m talking to myself! Okay, so I think I’ll freeze meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, chili, salisbury steaks, and some swiss steak. At least that’s what I’ve come up with so far. I have to be careful about what I prepare because my sister has some gall bladder issues and she has to be careful about what she eats otherwise she’ll have an attack and then I’ll end up taking care of HER while she’s here taking care of me. That would be LOADS of fun.

To wrap things up – a meme!!!

1. 5 of your favorite kinds of candy.
Reese’s, Anything Godiva related, orange flavored Tootsie Pops, Sweet Tarts, Zotz

2. 5 of your least favorite kinds of candy.
Blackjacks, Maryjanes, regular Tootsie Rolls…hmmm, that’s all I can come up with

3. 5 things you plan to do for halloween.
Pass out candy, get the girls dressed up, host a chili cook-off, eat WAY too much chili, indulge in some hot apple cider

4. 5 things you’ve dressed up as in the past.
A robot, Rubic’s Cube, Jaws, an angel, a 50’s teeny-bopper

5. 5 things someone you know has dressed up as in the past, (they can be kids, relatives, friends, etc.)
a knight, a ladybug, a witch, a pregnant woman, someone who just got out of bed.
Happy halloween! Enjoy the rest of your day, and your week


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