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Monday, November 01, 2004

Replying to comments

I just want all of you who comment (all 4 or 5 of you!) that I am currently working in figuring out how to reply to your reply if I don't already know your email address. Most of you, I know but for those of you that are kind enough to stop by and are new, I apologize for my silence to your comments.

I really am grateful you are here and reading.

10 things I hate...

This post idea was shamelessly stolen from RockStarMommy. I changed it a little because I was feeling more in a hate mood than a fear mood. Without further ado:

Ten Things I Hate:

1. Christian that are big fat hypocrites! Please do not stand on your Bible and preach to me about my eternal soul when you are so obviously going to burn for cheating on your husband with a fellow choir member. Ever heard of the Ten Commandments? Look them up!

2. Bosses who don't appreciate anything their employees do. Guess what, Boss. While you were in Mexico, we busted our asses keeping this office together. You have no idea what teamwork it took to make sure stuff was done the way you would do it so you wouldn't chew us up when you got back. We should have saved ourselves the trouble as you not only did not thank us for the GREAT job we did, you thought it would be a good time to tell us all exactly what we did wrong. BLAH! Next time, be sure you thank us, you ungrateful so-and-so!

3. People that show up to their children's sporting events dressed like they're headed out shopping. Did you not notice that the grass is REALLY soft and those stiletto heels on your boots are NOT going to stop sinking into the grass? Pathetic. Who are you trying to impress?

4. Grocery store checkers who are rude and ungrateful. Okay, Alaya, I just spent $232.00 in your grocery store, the least you can do is thank me and give me a second to put away the receipt and move my cart before you offer up a HUGE sigh, jump up onto the belt and vault over my cart to go help some other checker who has made a mistake. Rude, bitchy, put upon, and just plain condescending attitudes are NOT the way to get me to come back to your store. I hope your manager talks to you about the phone call I made to him. I can shop a lot closer to home and I DON'T need to drive 5 miles to go to your store specifically.

5. Rainy, dull, dark evenings. Thank you daylight savings time.

6. Rude, bitchy drivers.

7. Judgmental bitches.

8. Idiots that break into my garage.

9. Jackasses that smash kids' pumpkins.

10. People who refuse to participate in Halloween because it has Pagan roots. Well, guess what! So does Christmas, kids! Before you boycott holidays, make sure you're not making a hypocrite out of yourself, again. *

*Disclaimer* I am a Christian. I attend church. I believe the Jesus is the Son of God and that His death and subsequent rebirth are real. I believe He is my one and only Savior. I am not anit-Christian, nor am I any sort of evil non-believer. Just know your facts before you start pushing your beliefs onto others.